Friday, 15 May 2009

Mrs Pettigrew Lives for a Day (Winifred Watson)

The book for June is Mrs Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson
Meeting on Tuesday June 2nd at 6.30pm
...but don't fret if you can't make it. Now you can still take part even if you can't come along to the monthly meetings (you'll miss out on the banter and the cake though). Just read the book and post your own comments after 2nd June to let us know what you thought.
Further reading
Winifred Watson (obituary from The Independent)

May 2009: Watching the English by Kate Fox

The book for May was Watching the English by Kate Fox.
Meeting: Tuesday 5th May
"In Watching the English, Kate Fox takes a revealing look at the quirks, habits and foibles of the English people. She puts the English national character under her anthropological microscope, and finds a strange and fascinating culture, governed by complex sets of unspoken rules and Byzantine codes of behaviour. Her minute observation of the way we talk, dress, eat, drink, work, play, shop, drive, flirt, fight, queue – and moan about it all – exposes the hidden rules that we all unconsciously obey."
Tell us what you thought!

The new Kniterati blog...

The Kniterati Book group started out in 2007 at the old I Knit London shop in Bonnington Square. We've been meeting monthly ever since (give a take a few "lost" months last summer!) to discuss the chosen book, have some heated debate, some cake, some knitting and some crochet and generally putting the world to rights. To find out more about the group you can visit the old blog (last updated 2007!) or the official webpage. There's also an active Ravelry Group for the Kniterati over at . The group now meets at the new IKL shop on Lower Marsh, Waterloo on the first Tuesday every month from 6.30pm...

The group is open to all - just read the book of the month and turn up to let us all know what you thought. There's always a few new faces so don't be scared to take part. As we know there are many knitters who can't make the actual meetings, and sometimes some folk who read the books and then can't come along so we'd like to use the blog as a way for you to get involved too. So, we'll be posting details of all the books on here and you are welcome to join the discussion (although we'd request not starting your comments until after the meeting, please!). Now you can get involved wherever you are in the world.

So, feel free to join in! As you can see from the list of books we've been reading since 2007 there's a good mix of genres and styles, from classics to contemporary authors....we look forward to discovering what's to come at the Kniterati.